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1. More Sources of Portfolio Return

Enhanced return potential of satellite investment such as commodities, emerging markets, and high-yield bonds and the opportunity to progress toward financial goal

2. Risk Diversification

Risk diversification of potential market fluctuation through investment in a diversified selection of satellites and potentially less correlates with core investment

3. Contentious Oversight

Contentious professional management and oversight

Eric Kim / Co-Founder & Managing Director

Eric Co-found Think Wealth in 2015. He is responsible for overseeing U.S operation. He has over 20 years of experience in the securities industry and has passed Series 7,4,24,9,10,63 and 66. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of California at Los Angeles. 

Our Mission​​

Jake Yu / Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Yu found Think Wealth in 2015. He is responsible for the development and management of investment accounts for high net worth individuals, institutions and endowments in both US and Asia. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from University of California at Berkeley and served in the US Army as an infantry officer.

Think Wealth, headquartered in Southern California, is a registered investment advisor supervised by the State of California. We provide comprehensive wealth management solutions to both high-net-worth individual and institutional clients by utilizing a wide spectrum of wealth management service including but not limited to  a highly intergraded web-based wealth management solutions, traditional, alternative investments, and risk diversified strategies.


Comprehensive asset management you and your company can trust.

David Turng / Chief Marketing Officer

David has over 13 years of experience in retirement and insurance planning for individuals and business owners. In addition, he has provided consulting and fiduciary advisory services in the area of plan design, investment consulting, record keeping, compliance, and employee education. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from California State University at East Bay. David has passed Series 7,63,65, and California Life & Health insurance license.